G3 Digest

As a major component of the G3 Academy and drawing upon the major success of the GHP Digest, the G3 Digest was launched as an electronic clearinghouse and resource tool. The G3 Digest provides data, articles, and best practices (at the “fingertips”) to educate and facilitate greater innovation to move the region’s stormwater management infrastructure in a sustainable direction–environmentally and economically. The G3 Digest provides a bi-monthly weekly virtual tour of events, activities, best practices, and news from across the nation related to green streets, jobs and towns. Its readership is over 3,500 and growing.

The email based newsletter provides information to a broad national and international subscriber network on Green Streets, Green Towns and Green Jobs. The G3 DIGEST is designed to incorporate, leverage, capture and disseminate information on sustainable products and practices related to sustainable transportation, green infrastructure, innovative storm water management, low impact development, context sensitive solutions, and innovations in transportation and community planning, economics, career development, policy, funding and legislation.

The G3 Digest will provide hot links to the Environmental Protection Agency, G3 and GHP Website and direct links to over 300 referenced and partner organizations. Please see the website at www.greenhighwayspartnership.org to peruse the connectivity and linkage opportunities associated with the integrated approach of the G3 Digest, the new G3 Partnership Website and the resource rich GHP Website.

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